Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Deer Suicide Attacker Fails: Car Repaired

An attempt by a deranged BC herbivoric suicide attacker to wreck my car with it's bum has failed, and the vehicle has (finally) been successfully repaired.

We are very fortunate in that both my girlfriend Cindy and her son Doug happened to be in the back seat when we hit the deer. I hit it on the hindquarters, spinning it around where it impacted against the passenger door, showering the interior in that area with glass.

Pure fluke, that. We were on our way to Kelowna to see Cindy's parents, with Doug in the front seat, when I stopped in Merritt for gas. For some unknown reason, Doug decided to climb in the back with his mom. 10K later: BAM!!

Anyway, 1 bumper, 1 door, 1 hood, 1 quarterpanel, 1 intake manifold, 5 weeks, and WhoTF knows what other parts, I've finially got my beloved black Cavalier Z24 back. Horray!

Loaner had better speakers though. :-)

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