Friday, December 8, 2006

My brand new first blog.

So now I've made a blog and I'm not at all sure what to do with it. Talk about work? The upcoming trip to go get my poor smashed up car? The storm that kept us from drinking the water for about a week? I don't know. Mainly I just wanted to see how to put some of my video files on the net, but I haven't figured that part out yet. Oh well. Here's a clue about my very exciting life: I spend a lot of it butchering image and video files. Here's a bit of a political one that's one of my favorites.


arto said...

Welcome to the Intertron!

I hear YouTube is pretty easy to upload video stuff to, though I've never tried uploading anything myself.

arto said...

Oh yeah, have you seen Zaugg's and Bug's blogs?

Rake said...

Hi Art!

Yeah, I actually read your own html code to see how you were publishing videos, and went from there.

Trever said...

It's not the intertron. It's the dub dub dub naked chicks dot net click click click like that man. (as said by boomhaur ...)