Thursday, November 22, 2007

Not Exactly What I Meant

This to me is really funny. Because of an ad that appeared in a comment in my last post, I had to try to read and write Portuguese, which I did by Internet translator, of course. Here is my Portuguese, re-translated into English by the same site:

I am distrustful that I do not say the Portuguese, or spells it probably
exactly correctly, thus that I had that to use the services of an unskillful
translator of the InterNet to analyze its message grammatical. It seems to be a
propaganda. I am distrustful that I did not understand it entirely. I have that
to inquire after a supposed expression portuguese that somebody teaches to me.
He goes: of "For du inshere usaco" (sic). Pparently the ways of the expression,
"I think that you are trying to gain the favor even so flattery, and I we are
not printed particularly. The approach equivalent of the English "Quit blowing
smoke up my ass." (it is stopped casting the tobacco above of my donkey.) He was
I I taught correctly, or my fellow worker I was had a funny one in me?

Not only that, but that Portuguese expression I named literally means
(I believe) "Stop sucking my balls." Talk about the meaning drifting a
little bit! Oops!

How the hell do you get out of blockquote? I thought it was a


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