Sunday, November 4, 2007

I am now an Electronic Music Sensation

That may be seem like an extreme statement, and of course it is. I don't know the number for "sensation", so I haven't done the math myself, but I'd estimate the headline for this article is approximately 0.000000000001% true.

A year ago, at the time that I created this blog prior to forgetting it almost instantaneously, I created two music hosting accounts on different sites for the purpose of hosting some gawd-awful home-made noise I made on my then-Linux box. (Actually, a machine belonging to a friend who sometimes tolerated my company when I was homeless, but that's another story.)

When I went to check on them just lately, I discovered two amusing things. One was that at least one person had played my song, and not the one I referred to in my prior article Gawd-Awful Noise. Not that Google is tripping over my blog every day or anything. The reason I think at least one is that it had four plays, and I think I only tested it twice, maybe three times. So I'm thrilled that my worldwide audience as a maker of computer noise is literally infinitely, in the mathematical sense, over the number I originally projected: zero.

The other thing: I infer that there exists a type of search engine on these sites that are designed to search for possible cross-promotion partners. On the "my account" page, I discovered a "friend invite", which when I followed it up, turned out to be exactly that, a "let's link each other" arena. Also, I discovered that one person had included me in his favorite artists, so I followed that up, and I was: this person or group had 16,000+ favorites.

I am wildly thrilled about the unpredicted success of my burgeoning music career. I'd like to point out again that my success is literally, mathematically, infinite over what I predicted.

So, anyway, there's these two guys out there who are probably serious music makers. One's a rocker, the other looks like a hip-hop guy. What they have in common is their amateur filters somehow failed when they were looking for promotion oppertunities, and they accidentally promoted me. In the interests of fairness, here's my re. I don't know what this'll sound like, but if they found me, they probably found some really oddball shit.

1) Beats and Instumentals
2) Gretchen

Oh, and also, my own thing, that prompted this article.

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