Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Star Trek Actors

It's my blog and I'll bore-my-readers-to-freakin-death-until-they-swear-off-computers-for life-and-join-the-Amish if I want to.

I haven't spent a lot of time on Star Trek in recent years except to rip/sample it and make to-me funny pictures and video. I was a big fan from when I first encountered it though. Although I never actually went to conventions or any of that stuff, I used to discuss the show and characters as seriously as any of the foam-pointed-ear crowd.

So, what I'm working my way around to is that we watched "The Roast of William Shatner" last night. It was a huge barrel of laughs, with household names and has-beens alike, taking really personal shots and each other and everyone taking their shots with a laugh. Except Andy Dick. He was either taking it really personally or working hard to make it seem like it.

The part that really interested me though was the back story about the Star Trek actors. George Takei and Nichelle Nichols were there, and of course Takei had to take his shots about finally coming out when his career was done anyway. But the really interesting thing was Nichelle and how her speech went.

I may misremember something here, but I've read her book. Wasn't there a part in there about how Shatner went to visit her after Trek was all over for them, mining material for his own book, and she informed him quite seriously that she genuinely hates his guts?

Anyway, she did a really funny thing at the end of her speech. She reminded the audience that her and Shatner were television's first inter-racial kiss, and then she suggested something along the lines of "Let's make history again" and approached Shatner. But then, 3 feet away from him, she turned around and said: "And kiss my black ass!". And walked away.

But Shatner didn't get it. Too all appearances, he was really going for the kiss! There they were, her back turned, and he had his arm over her shoulder from behind stopping her from walking away! Talk about Mr. Freakin'-Don't-Get-The-Obvious-Concept! Dude! You and your buddy made 25 times as much on those movies as the five little guys, they all call you a camera hog, and you don't understand that this 70 year old woman and her friends that are just as type-cast as you really, actually, don't freakin' like you??

So, I'm sure of the few people that'll read that, half'll go "so what" and the other will go "old news", but that's what I got on the brain right now.

Oh, and George Takei said "F-- You and the horse you rode in on", which was a little bit funnier because Shatner actually did ride in on a horse.

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some old moron in a schmock said...

I vaguely recall seeing a watered-down, "sanitised" version of this particular flashback once... think it was called "Galaxy Quest", or somesuch? Or maybe I'm just completely mistaken... it sorta comes natural, seems.

Has anybody seen where I parked my Robot? Oh, wait; there it is... kinda.... ummm... "oops?"