Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I Don't Think This Blog is Helping Me At All.

Sorry, but it isn't.

I noticed something recently. All the tracks I store at 7161/Dancetech continue to have a rising play count, even though most of them are guitar songs mislabelled "techno". The ones I keep at zShare.net, although newer, appear to have been completely ignored.

This tells me that my modest listenership comes to me via 7161/Dancetech, and that the people who stop to play my music probably have no idea this page exists at all.

So a major re-org is in order. I'm probably gonna actually pay 7161 some money and just host everything there, including my home page. This blog, if I use it at all, will be stripped of it's musical content and used once again in the same fashion I did before I discovered music again. More likely though, I will simply abandon it.

In the short term though, I'm gonna clear out some stuff from my 7161 space, all the less popular stuff, to make room for new material. The stuff that I'm clearing off 7161 I'm gonna move to zShare, where it will live out it's remaining days in peace and comfort until zShare notices nobody cares about it anymore, takes it behind the barn, and shoots it.


Mr Bug said...

Quitter! 8-p

Anonymous said...

I moved, I didn't quit.