Tuesday, December 25, 2007

There's Been a Couple of Changes on Here

So, right after I finished my last post where I complained about the fact that there's no such thing as GPL for music, I Googled a little harder and discovered that there is. Oops. My bad.

I chose an existing, legally binding licence agreement, so now my music has the exact legal status I want it to: I demonstrably own it, but it is legally spelled out that it's free for distrubition for any non-commercial purpose.

So, good. Mission accomplished, there. The next change I made was, I created a second list of music links called "Project Archives". This is different from the list of mp3's above it. These files are not mp3's, but zip archives that contain mp3's. THOSE mp3's are nearly every little snippet and recording I've made on my recent music projects since my interest in making music came back two months ago. It's all organized so each recording is in with whatever project it was originally associated with.

There's also a little grab bag of odd stuff in it's own archive. This is stuff that isn't associated with any existing project that I can recall. There's also a few "first-takes" - The first play on a guitar of a new riff or song. The recording I save and keep no matter how badly I play it, because otherwise I'll forget how it goes and lose it forever. Anyway, there's 2 or 3 of those. One I have plans for, but the others might just stay on the cutting room floor until the janitor comes, unless someone else rescues them.

Anyway, there it is! I'm doing my part: My music is "copylefted" exactly the way I want, and all my source files are up! Wonderful,

One other little change. Regular readers/listeners, if any, might have noticed one of my songs is missing now. Yes. It is. It isn't coming back either. It's a hateful little thing and I'm sorry I made it.

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