Saturday, September 12, 2009

Let's Chop Up All The Big Countries

Wouldn't it be great if there were no more 800 pound gorillas on the world stage?

Most countries have are limited in population and industrial capacity so that they can't really engage in rude and anti-social behavior like stinkin' up the whole fuckin' place (cough-CHINA) or kicking the shit out of someone for no fuckin' reason (cough-USA) without the neighbors getting together and putting a stop to it.

So, I think it'd be a really wonderful thing if a way could be found to break down any political entity with enough clout to seriously fuck everyone around whenever it suits them. By "break down", I mean literal political fragmentation - the top level government just taken away, replaced by second level governments.

Not being some kind of fuckin' egghead political expert or anything I'm probably missing some really obvious examples, but the particular governments I feel the world would be better off without are the European Union, and the federal governments of the United States, China, and Russia. Some for reasons of specific bad behavior, but really this reason for all: The rest of us don't need anyone that big around. To me, they're more like the geopolitical equivalent of gangs than anything.

I wonder how, in theory, that might be made to happen?

Hmm. I guess what I really mean is, "how that might be made to happen AGAIN?" Were it still around, I would certainly have added the Soviet Union to my list of undesirable governments, and it did exactly what I'm talking about, except that one of the pieces is still too big. So, how to make that go further, and elsewhere, as well?

C'mon, US, China, Russia, EU: Do a Soviet Union! You know you wanna! Honestly, you don't really much care for out-of-towners, do ya? Talkin' all funny and takin' your jobs away? Wouldn't it be better to just be your own country? C'mon, break up, balkanize, separate, say bye bye. It'd be great for everyone.

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